Toilet Roll Dispensers

Toilet Roll Dispensers

Our toilet roll dispensers are perfect to store and dispense toilet paper. We stock a variety of dispensers. Therefore, we can provide the appropriate dispenser for your restroom, parent room or any other premise.

AE-395 Stainless Steel Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser

Our AE-935 Stainless Steel Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser is perfect for any restroom, parent room or bathroom. The dispenser has a satin stainless steel finish. Therefore, it minimises corrosion, rust and the spread of bacteria. For convenience, the tissue dispenser has a slot window. As a result, you can visibly see when rolls are running roll and need to be replaced. Additionally, the dispenser has two inner cores. Therefore, it can hold different toilet paper roll sizes based on your traffic. It also has a lock and key for security purposes. The design of the dispenser allows for multi-directional tearing by users.

AE-995 Stainless Steel Double/Twin Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser

The AE-995 Stainless Steel Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser similarly has a satin polished finish. The dispenser is a dual roll holder. Additionally, it also includes a window slot to view paper levels and determine when rolls need to be refilled or switched. Our dispenser has a lock and key for security. Additionally, the dispenser includes a sliding access panel to ensure one roll at a time is dispensed.

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