Spill Kits

Spill Kits

Our Spill Kits have been specifically designed to be an efficient way to clean up any spills. We at Arrow Washrooms understand that it is important to clean up any spills as fast as possible. We stock an Oil and Fuel Spill Kit as well as a General Purpose Spill Kit. Both kits come in different sizes based on your preference. Our range of Spill Kits contain different combinations of products selected to best assist you in cleaning spillages.

Economic Oil and Fuel Spill Kit

Our Economical Oil and Fuel Spill Kit comes in two sizes and includes: 6x Oil and Fuel Absorbent Mini Booms, 50x Oil and Fuel Absorbent Pads, 2x Floorsorb Floorsweep Bags, 1x Barrier Tape, 1x Spill Kit Labels and Audit Tag and 1x Operation Instructions.

General Purpose Spill Kit

Our General Purpose Spill Kit comes in two sizes and includes: 6x General Purpose Absorbent Mini Booms, 3x BudgetSorb All-Liquid Absorbent, 50x General Purpose Absorbent Pads, 6x Disposable Bag Labelled, 2x PVC Gloves and 1x Audit Tag.

All four of our kits can be easily replenished with our individual items for sale or our refill kits.

Spill Kit Contents

Our BudgetSorb is a floorsweep that absorbs oils, fuels, paints and other liquid spillages. It is perfect to clean messes on hard floors such as roadside spills, service stations and shop floors. It works by solidifying spills, which can then be swept away.

The Absorbent Mini Boom is used to clean up any liquid spill. The mini booms can clean up any liquid including paint, coolants, oil and blood amongst others. This absorbent is flexible, allowing it to be used for drains, pallets and machinery.

Also, in our Spill Kits are Absorbent Pads which are also helpful in cleaning up all liquids such as oil, petrol, paint and coolant. These all-liquid absorbents are useful in industrial and maintenance sites, factories, shops and transport facilities.

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