Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers

At Arrow Washrooms we stock a range of Soap Dispensers for all your hygienic and cleaning needs. Soap Dispensers are devices that store either liquid or gel form soap. They can be manipulated or triggered to dispense soap in a single use quantity. The dispensers can be operated by pushing a pump or they can be automatic. They are commonly installed in restrooms, parent rooms and kitchens. We have both stainless steel horizontal and stainless steel vertical soap dispensers, in addition to hand sanitiser dispenser and stands. We have two different types of Stainless Steel Horizontal Dispensers and two different types ofStainless Steel Vertical Dispensers.

Stainless Steel Horizontal Dispensers

Our Stainless Steel Horizontal Dispensers are both available with a lock and key. We have one with a new black plastic valve, used to dispense the liquid soap. Both our Horizontal Dispensers come in a satin stainless steel finish because of the ability to prevent rust and corrosion. The finish is also less likely to visibly show fingerprints and other smudges, which are likely because of the high traffic in the area.

One of our Horizontal Dispensers has a satin and polished finish which can prevent the spread of bacteria. With a satin polished finish, it is easier to clean the surface and ensure germs are not spread through the constant hand contact.

Stainless Steel Vertical Dispensers

Our Stainless Steel Vertical Dispensers are similar in nature to our Horizontal Dispensers. They both have a satin stainless steel finish to prevent corrosion and the spread of germs. One of our Vertical Dispensers includes a black button and new white plastic valve.

We also have a Hand Sanitiser Dispenser which is a free standing sanitiser station with a white dispenser. It includes an automatic touch-free sensor activated dispenser to reduce the spread of germs. A base and pole, along with clear signage is included in the dispenser station.

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