Our Signs assist in informing individuals about the location of facilities and protect them from any damage or harm as a result of the surrounding area. Our current stock of signs assists in preventing potential accidents and harm to members of the public. We carry ‘Wet Floor’ and ‘Caution’ signs to protect individuals and ensure that they are aware of potential safety hazards. Additionally, we currently carry a hanging ‘Closed for Cleaning’ board, to inform the public of areas they cannot enter.

Sign Customisation

Arrow Washrooms Sydney, NSW can supply a range of Signs for various situations and environments including; restrooms, mall areas, parents’ rooms or other parts of your business’ premises. In addition to our stock, we also offer a level of highly customizable signs to meet your business’ specific needs. They can serve a range of purposes such as; the marking of exit routes and outlining directions to disability access. Our Signs provide information through the use of colour, shape and symbols in order to clearly display the facility, equipment, hazard or danger. Text can also be used for further clarification on the situation.

Arrow Washrooms can also customize indication upon request, to meet your individual needs and requirements. We can personalize signs with elements such as your logo or mission statements, if necessary. Our symbols are available in a variety of sizes and materials and we can further customize the sign to make it reflective and enhances awareness. Further customizations include a UV and weather-proof protective over laminate to extend the longevity of the sign by up to three years.

In addition, we also offer customized engravings for signage. Therefore, we can assist you with customized signing for those who are blind and need to touch and feel to read .

Arrow Washrooms can provide a wide range of indication suited for multiple situations with the added features of various customisations to further suit your required needs. We can supply symbols at the highest quality and the most affordable price in and around NSW.

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