Door Locks & Indicators

Door Locks & Indicators

Our Door Locks and Indicators are perfect for all of your business’ restroom and parent room needs. Although they do ensure doors stay locked, they are primarily for privacy purposes as opposed to security and safety needs. They identify cubicles that are vacant and engaged, due to the indicator function. All our door lock kits come equipped with the fixtures needed to install the indicator. We have included; the indicator, turn bolt and staple, for easy and fast installation.

Door Locks Materials

We have ensured that our door locks are all constructed from either diecast zinc or brass. Therefore, the locks are strong and durable, to last for many years. Given the exposure to water, brass and diecast zinc are suitable for the door locks, as they are corrosion resistant. As a result, they will not rust.

Door Locks Coating

Our range of door locks includes; primarily either a satin chrome finish or an antimicrobial coating. Satin chrome enhances the strength and hardness of the lock.Therefore you can be guaranteed that the locks will be durable.  Given the environment, it is also useful as it can be easily cleaned. With antimicrobial coating, our main focus is on minimising the spread of bacteria. Antimicrobial coating uses certain chemicals to ensure this is achieved. Additionally, upon request we can also provide other finishes including; bright chrome, satin nickel and satin pearl.

Xcel Slide Lock

As part of our door locks range, we stock an Xcel Slide Lock and Indicator Set. This differs slightly from our other products, as it includes a unique easy-glide slide lock. We have stocked this product because it would be useful for handicap bathroom stalls. The slide lock is beneficial for those with restricted hand mobility and limb loss. Additionally, the raised directional arrows on the lock ensure that those who are vision impaired can also operate the lock. The Xcel Slide Lock satisfies the disability standards for ambulant cubicle specifications. In addition to the benefits for the disabled, the slide lock may also be more useful in improving hygiene and reducing the spread of germs.

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