Coat Hooks

Coat Hooks

Coat Hooks are an item of furniture used to hang clothes or other similar items on. The hooks are oftentimes attached to a wall and primarily used to hang coats and jackets from. Additionally, they are also commonly installed in bathrooms and kitchens and used to hang personal items such as bags on. At Arrow Washrooms, our range of coat hooks can be easily installed with screw fixtures. They are also accessible compliant to ensure that all customers can use them.

Coat Hooks Features

To provide extra grip, our hanger all include a rubber bumper for extra hold, to ensure items hung from the hooks do not fall off. Our hanger have been satin chrome plated due to the many benefits provided. With satin chrome plating you receive a slightly more subtle look with a modern metallic finish. Therefore, our coat hooks are perfect for modernized bathrooms. Satin chrome plating also ensures that Arrow Washroom’s coat hooks are corrosion resistant. Therefore, you can be reassured that your hanger will be durable and will not rust, despite the moist environment. Additionally, satin chrome plating enhances the strength and hardness of the hanger to ensure its durability. They are also much easier to clean, making them suitable for bathrooms and ensuring your hygienic needs can be upheld.

Alternatively, we also stock hanger that are antimicrobial coated. We want to reassure our customers that our products will allow them to stay clean and maintain their hygiene. Therefore, we decided to stock antimicrobial coated hooks as it uses chemicals to minimize the spread and growth of disease micro-organisms. This is in addition to corrosion resistance, durability, and a more modernized look.

At Arrow Washrooms we want to ensure that our products meet our customers’ hygienic standards. With our range of coat hooks that are easy to clean and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, we aim to satisfy our customers’ needs.

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